Alberto A. Villavert

Alberto Villavert y Arcega (25 April 1903 – 1 March 1984) was a Filipino Politician who led the Philippine Province of Antique between 1937 to 1946 both as an appointed and elected Governor. He was first elected as presidente municipal (town mayor) of Antique's capital town of San Jose in 1928 and was the youngest presidente municipal in his time at the age of 24 and then became governor of the province in 1937. Villavert became an Antique Representative of the National Assembly from 1943-1944. During World War II, he served in the USAFFE and subsequently appointed as Governor of the Province again from 1946 to 1947 and then elected and served the same post from 1948 - 1951.

He was technical assistant to then President Elpidio Quirino in 1953. He retired from government service in 1966 after having served the Philippine Veterans Administration/Office for four years. He is a commerce graduate and law student of the University of Manila. His father Anacleto Jimenez Villavert also served as Governor of the Province of Antique 1913-1919. His son Anacleto Hierro Villavert became a Provincial Board Member of Antique (South District). Named after him is a busy commercial street in the heart of San Jose.



1907-1908 …..  Pedro Villavert Jimenez

1912-1916 ….. Angel Salazar, Sr.

1920-1922 ….. Ramon Maza, Sr.

1922-1925 ….. Angel Salazar, Sr.

1925-1934 ….. Segundo C. Moscoso

1934-1940 ….. Calixto Zaldivar

1941-1945 ….. Emigdio Nietes

1950-1965 ….. Tobias A. Fornier

1966-1969 …..  Jose A. Fornier

1969-1973 ….. Enrique Zaldivar

1977-1986 ….. Arturo F. Pacificador

1986-1987 ….. Evelio B. Javier

1988-1998 ….. Exequiel B. Javier

1998-2001 .…   Jovito C. Plameras, Jr.

2001-2010 ….   Exequiel B. Javier

2010 to present …. Paolo Everardo S. Javier


The province has many tourist attractions, activities, points of interest, facilities and services to offer. There are tourism areas that are developing and many are still to be developed. Tourists traveling from Iloilo to Boracay can stop by Antique's tourism areas. The whole stretch of coastal areas in Antique is suited for scuba diving. Starting from the southern town of Antique tourists can drop by Sira-an Hot Spring, claimed to be a medical spring. The next destination is the capital town San Jose de Buenavista passing by Malandog Marker, site of the first Malayan Settlement. 

Tourism amenities like restaurants, shopping malls, pasalubong centers, accommodations and beach resorts are present. Rafflesia, the largest flower in the world, can be found in Sibalom Natural Park. In the municipalities of Patnongon and Laua-an, tourists interested in traditional methods can visit muscovado mills and watch how muscovado sugar is processed. Products made with muscovado are also available; Laua-an is noted for its long butong-butong (a candy made with muscovado sugar). Tibiao has the Bugtong Bato Falls and the Fish SPA. From Culasi Mount Madia-as can be seen, the Mount Olympus of Antique. Sebaste has the Igpasungaw Falls, the Sebaste Inland Resort and the most visited Saint Blaise Church, where devotees of St. Blaise make a pilgrimage every year during the annual fiesta. Pandan has Malumpati Health Spring and Bugang River—declared the cleanest body of water in the whole country — where rafting and river boating can be experienced. This is the most developed tourism area with a tour package. Libertad is famous for its bariw mat and bag weaving.


Major products shipped out of the province are palay, rice, copra, muscovado sugar, legumes, fruits and vegetables, livestock, fish and fish preparations, and seaweeds. Manufacture items like native gifts, toys, and housewares are sold in major cities of the country and abroad. Principal mined products exported include coal, marble, silica, copper and gemstones.

The main goods entering the province are construction materials, dry goods, groceries, canned and bottled products, fertilizers and others.

The capital town of San Jose de Buenavista is the center of business in the area. Potential growth areas include the towns of Culasi, Pandan and Sibalom. Investment opportunities with good prospects in the province are:

  • Sugar industry
  • Seaweed processing
  • Marble processing
  • Gemstone and semi-precious stone processing
  • Coco oil mill
  • Livestock and poultry processing
  • Food Processing
  • Marine products processing
  • Furniture, handicraft, metalcraft
  • Fiber extraction/processing/weaving
  • High value crop production
  • Feed/Feed Milling


The people of Antique are predominantly Christians, predominantly Roman Catholic. Even today, the Catholic Church remains influential in both the society and politics of the province. Other religious denominations present in the province include Protestants and Nontrinitarian, Iglesia Filipina Independiente more commonly known as Aglipayan Church, Baptist Churches, Iglesia ni Cristo, Seventh-day Adventist Church, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Church of Latter Day Saints, among others.

In the mountains, remnants of ancient folk beliefs persist. Babaylans or native priestesses continue to divine the future, heal the sick or conjure spells.

Antique Provincial Seal

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